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a trip through Rome- how I fell in love with dog training

When in Rome

Rome along with his parents became one of my earliest and most loyal clients when I established Carter’s K-9 in 2019. Entrusting me, as a teenager, with their lively pup filled me with immense gratitude. Their faith in me opened the doors to unforeseen possibilities. Little do Rome, Christian, and Jared know they ignited my passion for animal behavior, for which I can never thank them enough.

I vividly recall the day Rome first arrived, as if it were yesterday. It was a beautiful weekday morning; the sun was gleaming and the birds were serenading the world. I was so eager first for my first recurring client, that I sat on our porch area and waited for them.

At just 3 months old Rome was a Doberman with energy that could rival a full-grown dog.

As they handed me his belongings and went over his schedule once again, wishing me “good luck” through laughter, we stepped into the house. Rome wasted no time marking his territory on a box of toys near the door, and his mischief didn’t stop there. For about a year and a half, Rome joined us for daycare five days a week. We discovered his talent for opening doors with his paws, and his favorite activity became parkouring from one couch to another.

A blast to the past

A trip down memory lane takes me back to my childhood, engrossed in animal movies and shows like The Cat n the Hat, Marly n Me, All dogs go to Heaven, and my personal favorite, Dr.Dolittle. I always yearned to know what my dogs were thinking or feeling. I would often tell my family “One day my pets will speak to me”. Many deemed this notion silly, and at times, even I doubted it. But deep down inside I knew there was a way that humans and dogs could communicate with each other.

Turning point

After a couple of months with Rome his parents recognized the importance of training. They enrolled him in group training classes and invited me to join because Rome spent most of his time with me. They even provided transportation knowing I was a teenager with no car.

That evening I had the opportunity to step in as Rome’s handler, despite receiving the most critiques from the instructor. I immediately fell in love. Rome and I had a beautiful relationship, but it seemed like something more was unlocked after that session of training. I learned tools to communicate with him and how to read his body language. So, in other words, I finally knew what he was “saying” to me.

In the weeks following Rome continued obedience training and I did my best to reinforce those behaviors during daycare. We were having a new kind of fun, nurturing a deeper connection we hadn’t had in the past. I could offer him something more than treats, and belly rubs: I could offer understanding.

Dogs and animals in general have bestowed upon me an outpour of love, patience, and support that I could never repay. No amount of enrichment activities or play sessions can compensate for what they have done for me.

Therefore, I strive to utilize my knowledge to educate dog owners on better ways to comprehend, communicate with, and cater to their beloved pets' needs. Dog training means more to me than a dog obediently following commands; it presents an opportunity to establish a bond that allows a dog to express themselves. As an owner, it requires dedication and practice to achieve this mutual understanding and connection.


With the help of Rome and his family and a little more encouragement, and support from my family and friends I graduated from CATCH Trainers Academy in March 2022 with a certification in dog training. Since then, I’ve become a CATCH Mentor and a Good Canine Citizen Evaluator. My passion for animal behavior doesn’t subside here, I plan to continue my journey of giving back by continuing my education in animal behavior and I encourage other animal enthusiasts to join me!

If you are in need of a passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced dog trainer in the DFW area feel free to reach out! We offer free consultations to those inquiring about training, so there's no need to wait. Let Carter's K-9 help you solve your dog's unwanted behaviors with positive reinforcement.

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